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Q:  What Makes a Made-To-Order DVD Different Than A Commercial Dvd?


A: Each DVD is made to order specifically for the recipient at the time of purchase. DVDs manufactured "on-demand" are quite similar to, but not quite same as DVDs you'd buy at the local video store. DVD movies you buy at the local video shop are manufactured from a mold via a stamping process while on-demand DVDs are "burned". Each carries information read by your DVD player, but the physical properties of the two are different.


Most DVD players are compatible with both commercial DVD-Video and one or more of the "recordable DVD formats. Our manufactured on-demand (MOD) DVDs are made using the most widely accepted format, DVD-R.


The owner's manual of the DVD player usually lists which DVD recording formats it can play. Almost all DVD players can play DVD-R (except for some older models made before 2000).



Q: I am living outside the United States and have ordered an MOD DVD-R. Will it play in my international PAL - DVD player?


A: All our DVD-Rs are NTSC and REGION 0 (REGION FREE / ALL REGIONS) This allows them to be "world compatible" from a region coding standpoint. And, almost all DVD players sold in PAL countries play both PAL and NTSC discs. Nearly 100% of current DVD players will play DVD-Rs. Some older computer drives will not. Our blank media is of the highest quality avaiable and we have less than a 1% failure rate. We cannot be responsible for problems due to incompatibility of your DVD player.


Q: My DVD behaves differently on my Blue-ray player vs. my other DVD players.


A: This is normal. While Blue Ray machines are mostly compatible with regular DVD's, some variation in the way the player interprets the DVD software instructions may occur. The movie will still play, however certain menu functions may behave a bit differently.


Q: Should I care for my DVD-R made on-demand any differently than a DVD purchased at retail?


A: Each DVD is made specifically for the recipient at the time of purchase. DVD-R's made on demand similar care and maintenance requirements as store purchased DVD's.


Avoid popcorn greasy finger prints on shiny part of the disc. Handle it from the edges and/or the center hub. Don't bend the disc when taking it out of the case, and be careful not to scratch the disc when placing it in the case or in the player tray. Keep the DVD in its protective case when not in use. And, avoid high heat sources or direct sunlight. Cared for properly, your DVD will provide many decades of enjoyment.


Q: What is the durability of a DVD-R vs. a stamped or replicated DVD? I've heard that recordable DVDs are less durable than stamped DVDs. Is that true?


A: Recorded DVD-Rs and stamped (or replicated) DVDs are actually very similar. The difference is really just how the data is recorded on the media. DVD-Rs burn data patterns on an ink layer of the DVD. With stamped DVDs data patterns are molded within a texture layer of the DVD. While DVDs have only been prevalent for the past 11-13 years, independent laboratories have used stress testing to evaluate both types for playability over time, resistance to effects of aging, etc. These test show that DVD-Rs can be expected to last many years, just as stamped DVDs.


As a "real-world" testament to this – consider the CD-R. These have been in wide spread use for 15-20 years with no evidence of any systemic deterioration over that time. DVD-Rs use similar ink pattern technology to CD-R.


Note, though, as with any product, the key to longevity is proper care and maintenance. The surface of the DVD should be protected from scratches, finger prints, high heat sources and direct sunlight as noted earlier.



Q:  How Do You Catergorize  Screen Formats?


A: There are many types of screen formats. To simplify things we categorize screen formats in two types: Fullscreen (1.33:1) and Widescreen.


Fullscreen (1.33:1) will fill your normal 4:3 TV to the fullest.


Widescreen can mean anything from a slightly Letterboxed to 2.76:1 Anamorphic (16x9). We try and mention this in descriptions whenever possible.


Q:  How Do I Select The Subtitles?


A: Most films in the archive are English freindly. The films listing will state if subtitles are available and what language they are in.


Generaly most subtitles are "burnt-in" or "hard-coded". Some discs feature removable (soft-coded) subtitles. If there is no subtitle menu, please use the "subtitle" or "SUB" button on your DVD player's remote to select the subtitles.


Q:  Is Cult Action An Illegal Pirate Operation?


A: We are definitely not a pirate operation. Cult Action distributes Public Domain (PD) films. We specialize in hard-to-find action adventure, sci-fi and horror from the golden age of cinema. The films listed here are currently Public Domain and hold no rights here in America. All of our films have either never been released in the USA or are long out of print and have not come out on DVD yet. The vast majority of our titles have never seen a domestic release on DVD anywhere. Once one of our offered films comes back into print it will be removed from our archive and it will not be offered anymore.



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